Wheelock Hall Farm May 2017 – Being Mummy

Trying to keep kids entertained can be hard work. Places are extortionately priced and half the time everyone ends up bored after an hour. You rack your brains trying to think of ideas, that the whole family will enjoy, and won’t also cost the earth.

Our Day Trip

We decided to take a trip to a lovely little farm in Wheelock. It was extremely picturesque, surrounded by fields and the sound of the animals. I put Darcie into her stroller, Colby walking and off we went. The price to get in was a bargain at £5 per child and adults free. This includes access to the large outdoor play area, the indoor barn where you can pet and feed the baby animals (depending on the time of year) and a lovely soft play.


The Animals

On arrival, you can purchase a bag of food for just 50p. We grabbed one each for the kids and off we went. We decided to visit the animals that were in the paddocks first. We came across sheep and lambs, ponies, donkeys, chickens, ducks and some very cute goats. The lambs and ponys were a big hit with the kids, Darcie even managed to get a snuggle with a lamb.

[Darcie and the lamb]

[Colby and the ponies]

Then we went into the barn and saw some calfs, some recently born and a few that were a little older. The goats were mischievous, even after being warned by the farmer not to get too close with the bag of food, they quickly snatched it out of my hand in a flash. The kids obviously found this hilarious and wanted to do it again, which they were told no, so I became mean mummy then.

[Darcie seemed a little unsure of the calves at first]

The Park

The park area was huge, multiple slides of different heights and what Colby called the ‘Ninja Warrior’ course. (He has a bit of an obsession with Ninja Warrior) Both Colby and Darcie loved the slide that was hidden within a big bush, so much so they would of played on that all day and not even bothered with the animals! There was also a castle slide, which was very scary at first but Colby soon decided he loved it.

[Colby is the king of the castle]

While walking around there were various things that us parents could stop and use as a photography prop, including a large tractor tyre and two small tractors that they could sit on. Reminded me of my childhood watching Little House On The Prairie. Our day was then finished off with lunch and then a delicious ice cream before heading home.

 [Colby clearly enjoying his bubblegum flavour ice cream] [Taking his sister on a ride] [Home time, bye bye]

Would I recommend Wheelock Hall Farm?

I would 100% recommend, it is fantastic value, keeps the kids entertained and the free softplay gives us mummy’s and daddy’s a quick 5 minute breather that ALL parents need every now and then.


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