My Liebster Award Nomination – Being Mummy

I have never heard of the Liebster Award before until the lovely Katie from Living Life Our Way nominated me. The Liebster Award is a virtual award given to bloggers from other bloggers.


What is a Liebster Award you say?!

You can find the full rules here, but basically you get nominated by a fellow blogger to answer their 10 questions and also list 10 random facts about yourself. You must link back to their site also. Then once you have done that you nominate more fellow bloggers, set your own 10 questions for them to answer and add their links within your post. It’s all about spreading the blogging love.

So here are my questions and answers..

What or who inspires you?

As I work within a dementia care home, I’ve met quite a few influential people along the way. It’s such a cruel illness and when you’re around it 24/7, it makes you see life in a completely different perspective, and a little bit more positive also.

Pick one, dogs or cats?

This is a tough one, as I love dogs, but I own cats. You get the cuddles and a waggy tail when you get home from a dog, the cat couldn’t care less, just stretches and goes back to sleep. But at least cats are a bit more low maintenance than dogs. I think I’d have to chose dogs though.

Name your top 10 all time favourite tunes.

My all time favourite is Nothing – Nikki Flores. I’ve followed her on YouTube for years and every song she writes, I relate too. I’m a soppy person so also in my top 10 would have to be Hero – Mariah Carey, I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston, My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion. The most sentimental song for me is There You’ll Be – Faith Hill. I sang this on my 18th, in memory of my Nana who passed away a short time earlier. A childhood favourite was Better The Devil You Know – Kylie Minogue, dancing around my bedroom singing with my hairbrush. What girl in the 90’s didn’t love a bit of The Spice Girls or Steps? My favourite songs being Tragedy and Stop. The final two in my top 10 are more recent. Purpose – Justin Bieber, this is in my top 10 as I feel my children have given me a purpose in life, and Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur, this just reminds me of my partner, who couldn’t be more supportive if he tried, and the best daddy ever.

Who is the one person you would most like to sit on a bench with to chat together?

My Nana, I’d love to be able to tell her about my children. She would of loved to of been a great great grandmother. To her, family was everything.

What is your favourite hobby, way to relax or spend ‘me’ time?

Horse riding, I just feel at ease when around horses. You can just jump on and go for a hack into the countryside, time to forget your worries and just take in the scenery around you.

What do you like most about yourself?

Recently I’ve had very low self confidence so there isn’t much I like about myself. But if I had to chose something it would be my eyes. I have always found it mesmerising how they change colour from green to grey to blue on a daily basis.

What is your favourite childhood memory?

It most definitely has to be the day I went for my horse riding lesson, two days after my 13th birthday. I went to check to see what horse I was riding, even though it was always the same. When I walked round to the stable, I saw a birthday banner across the door and a birthday rosette attached to the bridle. I now owned my own pony! I sadly had to sell her a couple of years ago due to work, which I regret, but I hope to buy myself another horse in a few years. One for the whole family to ride.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I went for a tattoo a few years ago, but it was also at the time I was wearing wigs due to my hair being so thin. I must of fainted during my tattoo, only for my wig to fall off and land on the tattooists lap! Luckily he new me and my Dad so we can both joke about it today.

What was your first ever job?

My Auntie got me a job at a restaurant working in the kitchen washing pots, I was only 15 and worked there for a year. The only reason I left is because I needed to concentrate on my school exams.

Name one thing you are grateful for today.

Life. We take so much for granted, I just want to enjoy and make the most of every single day and make memories with my little family.

I know I recently did the blogger uncovered challenge, so I’ve just taken my top 10 facts from that. It took me long enough to write that, no way could I think of another 10! 

  • I have the worst initials ever, BJJ! Even worse that when (hint hint) I get married it will become BJS. Im sure you can work it out.
  • I have absolutely no sense of smell. Zero, nothing, nada. Even had my adaenoids out but it didn’t help.
  • I have a huge fear of belly buttons. I can’t touch mine or let anyone else near it. Only just about managed with a newborn when the cord fell off!
  • I have recorded a three track album in the same studio’s as One Direction.
  • I can’t eat unless the cutlery matches.
  • I have met Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Phillips.
  • Horses are my favourite animal, at one point I had 16!
  • I was also born in the Chinese year of the horse and I am the only horsey person in the family.
  • I believe in fate, this was amplified after watching the film ‘The Number 23’. My partner had a football shirt made before we met with ‘COLBY 10’. Colby being the name we chose for our son, and 10 was his due date (10/10/14) spooky right?
  • When changing the volume on anything, it has to be in 5’s. It used to be even numbers but now I feel twitchy if it’s on 24.


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If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be?

What is your worst habit?

If you had the opportunity, would you go back in time and do something differently?

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Name three celebrities who you would snog, marry, avoid.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Are there any quotes or mottos you live by?

Eastenders, Coronation Street or Emmerdale?

What is your ultimate one wish?

Favourite take away food?


Step 1: Thank the person who nominated you, and link back to their blog.

Step 2: Display the Liebster Award badge.

Step 3: Answer the ten questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.

Step 4: Provide ten random facts about yourself.

Step 5: Nominate between five and eleven fellow bloggers you believe deserve the award.

Step 6: Create a new list of questions for the nominees to answer.

Make sure you let your nominees know they have been nominated and that they include the rules in their post.


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