Confessions of a mother

1. On the rare occasion that you wear make up, you almost always forget to take it off. Then the next morning, you just top it up again. Anything is better than looking like a zombie.

2. You can go over a week without washing your hair. It’s just easier to shove it up in the ever so fashionable mum bun.
3. A microwaved cup of tea is no longer disgusting. It’s wet and warm, who cares?
4. All these mummies making sophisticated and yummy meals, while you’re just there finishing off your toddlers left over chicken bites and chips. Far too tired to cook anything else.
5. While your children are wearing outfits to keep up with the current trends. Your clothes are about 5 years old, faded and never match.
6. Tiredness turns you into a boring and antisocial human being. You’d rather make the most of having a nap, and if you have friends/visitors, you’re that tired you just don’t speak.
7. You end up doing all the things you said you’d never do when pregnant. The ‘I’m only going to make food from scratch’ idea went out the window the second you walked into McDonald’s.
8. When your child falls asleep on the floor and you leave them there to sleep to save waking them. They wouldn’t be asleep if they weren’t comfy, you can give them a couple of cushions.
9. Every morning when your toddler strolls into your bedroom at 5am and you close your eyes and pretend to still be asleep, in hope that they get the hint and go back to bed.
10. Bedtime, you look forward to it all day from the second you wake up. But then actually putting them to bed can be the hardest task of the day.
But the most important confession is that no matter what, you love your children unconditionally. One day they won’t want cuddling to sleep or call out ‘Mummy’ 5000 times a day. Some days it’s just hard to think of it that way!

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