I was kindly nominated by Harriet from Mummy Goes Where Florence Goes and I just had to take up the challenge. Especially as a certain fact still baffles many people and leads to a series of questions. So here goes.

  1. I believe in fate, this was amplified after watching the film ‘The Number 23’. My partner had a football shirt made before we met with ‘COLBY 10’. Colby being the name we chose for our son, and 10 was his due date (10/10/14) spooky right?
  2. One of my weirdest fears is belly buttons. I can’t touch or let anyone else near my belly button, luckily my belly button never popped out during pregnancy as I just could not cope with that!
  3. I got over my fear, slightly, of belly buttons when I had to clean both my kids cords in the very early days. I surprisingly didn’t feel queasy at all.
  4. To be honest I pretty much have a fear about everything. Heights, spiders and bugs, crossing bridges, roller coasters, small spaces, crowds of people. You name it and I’ll probably be scared or at least of been scared in the past.
  5. My favourite animal is a horse. At one point I owned my own called Tia. I also used to look after a total of 16 at one point, still easier than two young kids!
  6. I was born in the Chinese year of the Horse, again going back to how I believe in fate. No one else in my family liked horses except me.
  7. I have met Ray Quinn (came second to Leona Lewis and won dancing on ice) he knew my cousin and we went to watch them at a dance show at the arts school they were both at. I even got invited to his party!
  8. I have also met Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Phillips. We have a mutual love for horses.
  9. The one fact that everyone seems amazed by is that I have no sense of smell and never have. I’ve had an operation to remove my adenoids to see if that would help but to no avail.
  10. I discovered that I actually have a wonky nose, the cartilage inside isn’t straight. I found out the hard way when the doctors tried shoving a camera up my left nostril causing me to faint!
  11. I possibly have the worst initials ever! BJJ! I grew up with the nickname ‘blow job jones’ at school. My partner thinks it’s hilarious as when (hint hint) we get married my initials will then be BJS.
  12. I can’t eat a meal unless the cutlery is matching. I can’t have a chunky knife and flat fork, just never going to happen.
  13. I love to sing and have recorded a 3 track album in the same studio as One Direction. I have also recorded a completely original track. Music is my release but I can’t sing if I have an audience.
  14. I hate mashed or boiled potatoes. I can eat roast potatoes or new potatoes. But when ever I have a boiled potato in front of me I feel my palms starting to sweat!
  15. One day I will finally pass my driving test. I think I’ve had close to 50 lessons and still not booked my test or theory. I’ve been learning for 9 years.
  16. I have an expierence of death from an early age. I now work as a carer and deal with death’s on an almost weekly basis. I wouldn’t change my job for the world. Some of the people I have met have been so inspirational to me.
  17. When choosing the name for my son, Colby Jack. It wasn’t until after he was born we realised that colby jack is a type of American cheese. Weirdly I craved cheese during my pregnancy!
  18. When changing the volume on anything, it has to be in 5’s. It used to be even numbers but now I feel twitchy if it’s on 24.
  19. One of my all time favourite things to eat when I was younger was strawberry jam and prawn cocktail crisps on a sandwich. I still eat it now. And spaghetti with tomato ketchup squirted on to make the shape of a smiley face.
  20. Finally, I think I started writing the post at the beginning of October and it’s taken me this long to finish it. I get distracted far to easily.

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I hope you enjoy my 20 facts and thanks for reading.

– Bethany x


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