Let’s keep this short and sweet.

Long gone are the days of sexy underwear, knickers that resemble a piece of string and push up bra’s to make your almost none existent breasts look bigger. Once you become a mum, your matching lingere sets get lost at the back of your drawers, never to be seen again. Space is made for those massive pants you branded ‘granny knickers‘ as a teen. These have become your new best friend. The colour has faded but you just can’t bring yourself to bin them. Thongs that get stuck up your backside are far too uncomfortable, when you see a pair you feel yourself wince and cringe and the idea of wearing them. Non wired bras are all you will wear, the occasional ‘nice‘ bra is worn on the rare date night. The feeling of euphoria when you get home and the bra comes off. You’re free!


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