Love yourself

When it comes to physical appearance, as women we are our own worst enemies and critics. Our tummies are too flabby, thighs are too chunky and our bingo wings flapping around everywhere. All we can see when we look in the mirror is a frumpy unattractive mess.

What we forget is that we grew a child, possibly multiple children, and our bodies have stretched and changed to accommodate this tiny human that is nesting in our womb. For 9 months we have increased our daily calorie intake, and for some of us, even after baby is born we continue to eat for two. Anyone that suffers with depression will also find that comfort eating is a very common thing. Convenience food becomes the norm as who has the time to cook every meal from scratch? Takeaways or ready meals are much quicker and easier, especially while the baby sleeps and it’s your only opportunity to get some food.

In your head you tell yourself you will start to eat healthier and drink more water, but still your diet consists of coffee and sugary snacks. You say you will go to the gym or a quick run, but you find yourself in your pyjamas, lay on the sofa watching reality tv. The only exercise you actually get is running round after your toddler when he’s pinched one of your make up brushes.

You torment yourself but looking back a old pictures, back when you were child free and skinny. And to think back then you used to think you were overweight! If only you could be that size again! Truth is, you will probably never look like that again. But you have to remind yourself of why you look like you do today. Your children.

Your body deserves to be loved after it carried your beautiful child(ren) for 9 months. All those stretch marks are worth it. That muffin top you hate so much, is worth it. Growing up your children won’t care how much you weigh or how many spots you have because of your bad diet. They love you regardless as you are their mummy. Maybe here is where you can learn a lesson and look at yourself through their eyes. If you are happy, they will be too.


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