Cuddly comforts

Today is a tale of a parents worst nightmare. It all started off happy, a lazy morning having cuddles. Daddy had left for work early so we all snuggled in the bed. The local market was on today so we all got dressed and reassured to leave. Darcie in her new dress courtesy of Nanny, Colby in his new outfit from his Auntie Carly. I put the double stroller up, albeit outside as it doesn’t fit through the door. I put Darcie in first, fastened her straps and made sure she was comfy. Colby then climbed into his seat, bringing along his ‘White Ted’ and ‘Blue Ted’. Determined he didn’t want to leave them at home I locked the door and off we went on our walk into town. 

Half way into town I stop and check that both babies are happy, then that’s when I discovered what had happened. My heart skipped a beat, my face blank, not knowing what to do. Colby and Darcie completely unaware as to what was going on. Poor White Ted. Along the way, he somehow got lost. He was nowhere to be seen. In the 23 months, 2 weeks and 1 day, this is the first time Colby and his cuddly companion have been separated. How will we manage at bed time when he’s calling for his beloved White Ted, the thought of his distraught cries broke my heart. After telling him that we had lost his friend, his face dropped. ‘Where’s White Ted Mummy?’ How is a parent supposed to answer that question? The option of buying a replacement was out the question as they no longer sell them. I was glad I made the decision to buy Blue Ted a few months ago just in case this ever happened. Deeper down I never thought it would happen. I quickly did what I needed to in town, treated Colby to a packet of his favourite crisps and I let him share my cup of tea.

 [You can’t beat a cup of tea]

I thought he had forgotten, but just as we were about to leave, he asked for his friend again. ‘I’m sorry Colby but White Ted is all gone now.’ The sadness in his face would melt even the hardest of hearts. Feeling disheartened and deflated we made our way home. Turning the last corner before reaching our road, I spot something lying on the footpath.

Could it be?

Is that who I think it is?

My heart was beating fast, my steps getting quicker and quicker.

Colbys eyes lit up, he had seen it too. Poor White Ted was lying on the cold wet floor, the way Colby cradle him, the way a mother would a newborn baby. Best friends reunited. His excitement, telling his sister he had his companion back. ‘Look Darcie, its White Ted.’

We got indoors, took off our coat and shoes. From that moment Colby never let his two friends out of his site, even putting them up his jumper so he could carry his toys to the next room.

All three of them have been snuggled up in bed, White Ted on his right and Blue Ted on his left, peace has been restored.

Never again do I want to have to go through this ordeal, I feel it has affected me more than Colby. From now on, they do not leave the house!

 [White Ted snuggled up next to a 1 day old Colby, friends from the very start]


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