Holiday blues 

Now it’s not the normal holiday blues. I’ve not just come back off holiday, although I do wish I had. My holidays blues is because my son has gone on holiday with his grandparents and Auntie. While me, Daddy and Darcie stay at home.

Four days he’s been away now and I just cannot get used to it. Not hearing him shout for ‘Milkies‘ in the morning. Or demanding to watch ‘eggies‘ or ‘shapes‘ on mummy’s phone. The child is obsessed!

Even Darcie is missing him. She may only be 6 months old but she idolises her big brother and is constantly watching and laughing at him. Peace and quiet has meant she has slept better at night but you can see her searching for him in the day. The only way I can get her to have her daytime naps is cuddle her up in her brothers blanket and she snuggles with one of his many teddies.

I struggle the most when I’m out on a walk or shopping in town. You normally hear him asking for food, or wanting to walk. You are constantly having little conversations with him. I talk to Darcie but half the time she gives me a weird look as if to say ‘shut up mother!

The one thing I definitely haven’t missed is having to watch CBeebies, all day! I’ve seen nearly every episode and could recite them off by heart by now. Me and Darcie also get to nap together in the day when we are feeling a bit sleepy and we have attended lots of baby groups. Including baby massage, sensory play, messy play and just general socialising with other mums, dads and babies. Daddy has also had the chance for some one to one time with her too. Without Colby deciding that no one is allowed to even look at his daddy never mind talk to and hug him. That goes for mummy too.

So much of the day is planned around children and I’ve found myself being lost and bored as I don’t know what to do. It’s easy with a young baby, they just eat, sleep, poop repeat. A toddler you need to plan their meal times, do activities to keep them active and stimulated. Some how fit in time for you to eat and drink and progress with weaning.

As much as I’ve enjoyed having a few quiet days, I can’t wait for my toddler to get home and completely trash the place like normal.

 [to the beach ©Carly Smith]

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