That moment when you catch your child..

When you have children, you get to experience the lovey dovey times, teaching them different things and having cute cuddles when ever you want.

But you also get to experience their mischievous sides. For example this morning, while lay in bed feeding Darcie I heard what I thought was running water. I turned to my left to see my toddler, completely naked, weeing all over daddy’s clothes, laughing in the process.

Even though she is 6 months old, the look on Darcie’s face when you catch her unawares while she is trying her best to eat the duck inside the plastic ball is priceless. These are the moments you can laugh at. These next moments, not so much.


[caught ya!]

The moment you catch your child drawing all over your cream walls with BLACK crayon.

The moment you catch your child after he has shredded a full roll of kitchen paper in less than 60 seconds.

The moment you catch your child posting the sandwich he doesn’t want to eat behind the back of the TV unit.

The moment you catch your child ‘painting’ with your make up, that was tidied away, but was somehow found.

The moment you catch your child ‘painting’ his sister with said make up.

And this has to be one that every mother can relate too.

The moment you catch you child doing a poo just as you are about to leave the house and you’re already running late.

Ok maybe you can laugh at some, a few days, weeks, months down the line. But not after the intial feeling of wanting to cry and hide in a corner somewhere, away from said mischievous child(ren).

My children just love to tag team me, I swear! But they are the best of friends and most certainly partners in crime.

[best friends and partners in crime]


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