Freebies galore

Do you ever go through your emails thinking, what is this crap? I’m forever deleting emails that are of no use to me at all.

The ones I do like however, are the freebies. Make sure they are legit as quite a lot of them get you to sign up to thousands of things and you still receive nothing.

Emma’s Diary and Bounty are my favourites for receiving freebies, coupons and useful information. Today I picked up my ‘Growing Family’ pack from Bounty.

When I was expecting my eldest, they never offered a pack for weaning so this was all new and exciting. I was a little annoyed how there is never any information about baby led weaning. The voucher for money off chocolates from Hotel Chocolat is always a plus, not so good on the hips though! The vitamin drops will definitely come in useful, not just for Darcie but Colby too. Looking forward to trying them, not for myself obviously. 


Although we are baby led weaning, the Hipp Organic pouches will be something new for Darcie to experience. Even if she just makes a mess and gets it everywhere, which she does anyway. We have an apple, pear & banana fruit pouch and a carrots, cauliflower & peas pouch.

She may have no teeth yet but we still love to brush her gums, so the Aquafresh milk teeth toothpaste is always on our shopping list. 20p off a new tooth brush and 20p off the toothpaste will most certainly be used, especially as Colby loves to brush his teeth numerous times a day.

Along with all the freebies and vouchers, you get a free mini magazine. In this issue I particularly like the article about first aid for infants and children. With so many accidents that have happened in the past due to a child choking, it is most certainly something you need to be clued up on. Not everyone can afford to go on a first aid course so this free information could actually save a child/baby’s life.

So I’m off to order my discount chocolates while waiting for our dinner.

Thanks for reading

Bethany x

[please note, I was not asked to review any of the products mentioned. I have done so off my own back]


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