Parent pet peeves

The way you see things changes once you become a parent. Some things become highly annoying and so here is my top 10 parent pet peeves. I’m sure most will relate.

  1. People mistaking your child for the opposite gender, even if they are head to toe in blue or pink. I mean come on, it’s not that hard is it? I know people say boys can wear pink and girls can wear blue. But I think a big mahoosive bow on their head is a bit of a giveaway.
  2. People texting or ringing you the same day asking if you want to do something. No, I have two children, I need a bit more notice than 10 bloody minutes. It takes me 30 minutes just to leave the house. Plan in advance.
  3. The people that do actually plan in advance but then text you the day you had plans to cancel with no genuine reason why. Seriously?! I’ve kept my kids in all day waiting to be let down. Even worse when your toddler asks where they are.
  4. Parent and child parking spaces. If you are so concerned about your brand new Range Rover being scratched by another car door, don’t bloody buy one. Taking up these spaces is just lazy and inconsiderate to those that have young children.
  5. The ungrateful parents. This really annoys me. They just pop babies out left, right and centre. Then have the cheek to turn round and say that kids cramp their style. Take Jeremey Kyle’s advice and put something on the end of it! There are people out there that have been through heartbreak trying to have a child and some people that never will have one.
  6. Shopping trolleys. Why is it that the ones with the seats for babies and toddlers are never under shelter. You need to go shopping but you have to bring towels with you on your trip just so your kids don’t get a soggy arse sat in the trolley. It’s common sense really. When it rains things get wet, when things get wet they need drying. So either provide covers or put them somewhere they won’t bloody get wet!
  7. More of a pregnancy pet peeve but strangers who think it’s perfectly acceptable to touch your bump. You wouldn’t go round and grab someone’s crotch just because their swimmers made a baby. Don’t touch my bump, it’s weird creepy and being hormonal enough, you may end up with a punch to the face. Hands off please.
  8. Other parents who think they know better and always have to comment on how you are bringing up your children. Constantly comparing your child to theirs, just because their child can projectile vomitted further than yours. It’s not a competition!
  9. Gender specific toys and clothes. There’s is nothing wrong with boys playing with dolls and girls playing with cars. If my son wants to dress up in a princess outfit, then I will let him.
  10. Men who don’t understand why the last 9 points would annoy us. You my friend, annoy me. It’s a woman’s prerogative to moan about something!

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