Not everyone is successful when it comes to breastfeeding, I wasn’t with Colby. I also didn’t receive much support and wasn’t aware of what support was actually out there.

This time round I was determined to breastfeed, even if I only managed a month. My determination made me feel a lot more confident and when she latched on for her first ever feed I was elated. I won’t lie, it bloody hurts. For the first few seconds it would make me curl my toes up in pain. Nipple cream was my saviour, it helped make it less uncomfortable. I also just kept telling myself that my body was feeding my baby and it would get better.

The first six weeks are critical as your baby will help establish your supply to meet their needs, even if that means feeding every 30 minutes. I became sore from the constant feeding which caused my nipple to crack. Some times I just wanted to cry as the pain was horrendous, I was so close to stopping. I asked my health visitor about her latch and we checked her for tongue and lip tie. All was fine so I just had to soldier on. Then I became paranoid that I wasn’t producing enough milk as she was feeding every hour. Turns out Darcie just prefers little and often. Remember all babies are different.

Those six weeks felt like they lasted forever, but one day the pain just suddenly wasn’t there. I had done it, I had got through the hardest part.

I still wanted to make sure she was gaining weight so I’d take her to the clinic every 2-4 weeks. Everytime she surprised me.

My tiny 6lb8oz baby that started on the 9th centile just gained, and gained, and gained. It’s normal for babies to lose a tiny bit of weight after birth, but Darcie had gained! She is now 20 weeks and I took her to be weighed, not expecting a huge gain…

She is now on the 75th centile! She has jumped up 3 centiles since birth. She now weighs more than what her brother did at this age. 4 weeks ago she weighed 14lb3 so I was expecting 15lb maybe 15lb1. She has actually put on 1lb12.5oz and now weighs 15lb15.5. I was in shock, you can see from her chart how much of a gain it is.

My health visitor didn’t believe me at first when I said I hadn’t started weaning yet, and it’s clear to see there is no rush as she is thriving on mummy’s milk.

Thinking back to those first few weeks, I feel silly for worrying so much. My body was made to do this and so far it’s doing a bloody good job.


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