Darcie Jayne

image This is my second born, Darcie Jayne. She was born earlier this year. My pregnancy with her was completely different to how it was with Colby. I had hardly any aches and pains at all. Plus having Colby to run around after helped to keep me fit and healthy. The birth was also the complete opposite too. From my waters breaking to being in labour, I had only had paracetamol. I also got the water birth I wanted. My poor partner got pooped on, by both of us (sorry 😂).

Darcie was an even smaller baby, weighing only 6lb8oz. She was like a doll and tiny baby clothes were too big. This time I was successful in breastfeeding and she has gained weight since day 1! She is now over 15lb at 20 weeks and wearing 6-9 month clothes as her thighs are just soo chunky (go boobie milk). They do say no two babies are the same.

She is just starting to try and roll, she can get onto her side but that’s about it for now. Her coordination is getting good, rarely misses when I pass her a toy and can get everything and anything into her mouth. She also has her first tooth coming and she is coping very well.

That is a brief introduction. She’s growing so fast, I don’t think it will be long until she is crawling!


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