Babies on a budget

When planning for a family, most people save money first. My pregnancy with Colby was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. This however meant we didn’t have much time to save as we also had to find a house to live in too.

This is where you need to let practicality rule over quality. You don’t need an expensive baby swing or £1000 cot. As long as it does the job, that’s all that matters.

We were extremely lucky, we were given a travel system for free, borrowed a swinging crib and Moses basket and also given a cot too. We had a lot of baby clothes passed down to us too so that saved us money there. The essentials that we needed were bought as gifts from family members.

I of course wanted the best for my child, but I soon realised how expensive everything was. So what if I didn’t have the latest pram on the market, it did the job.

At the time all I did was pull my face a second hand stuff, but now as I have two children, I’ve realised that second hand stuff can be a life saver. I love looking in charity shops now for bargains. For both me and the kids. As my weight has fluctuated I don’t see the point in buying expensive clothes. I used to be a size 6-8 pre pregnancy and now after both of them, I’m an 8-10. I do aim to be the size I was as I still have all my old clothes. Finding time to exercise though is proving difficult.



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