Colby Jack

This is my first born, Colby Jack. Ever since the get go he has been a handful. I had numerous hospital trips while I was pregnant. A few preterm labour scares which resulted in me having to have steroids to make sure his lungs were well formed if he did decide to make an early entrance. Which he didn’t and he actually made me wait for an extra 4 days, and I was in labour for an exhausting 40 hours. I had every pain relief you could possibly ask for, meaning I don’t really remember much. Parts are just a blur. He was born at exactly 12:00 noon and I managed to get away with just a slight graze.

He was a tiny 7lb1oz, and we had to buy tiny baby clothes as newborn was absolutely huge on him. Even now at almost 2, he is skinny and only just starting to wear 18-24 month clothes.

Where he lacks in his height, he makes up with brains. We have been told by numerous health professionals how advanced he is. He can count to 20 and back again, recite the ‘Abc’s’, can tell you what colour something is and also tell you what shape it is. His new learnt shape is trapezium! He can say 3/4 words in a sentence and is an excellent problem solver. He is more than happy to play independently, but he is a fantastic big brother. Got to work on the sharing a bit more though.

Thats enough bragging about my boy, but I honestly could talk about him all day long. He makes me so extremely proud to be his mummy.

There are days where, how can I put this? He is a nightmare. Toddler tantrums are draining and it can be hard not to snap. But I’ll save those for another post.


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